My Story

by Editorial Team

My origins are humble but my dreams were always big; I come from a small city in Pakistan called Gujranwala. Despite being from a small town-like city, I still obtained the best education I could. I completed my O levels, A levels, and introductory level of ACCA in Gujranwala and then moved to my dream place, London, to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the field of International Business at HULT International Business School.

Since I have a passion for traveling, I took the chance to travel as much as possible whilst studying. London, being the hub of Europe, was the ideal place for me to satiate my love for traveling. Traveling did me a world of good and I even got to work for Fortune 500 companies including Haier and a large US brokerage firm. Since I love socializing and connecting with new people, especially successful entrepreneurs, this was yet another benefit traveling gave me. I was studying at one of the best business schools, traveling to my heart’s fill, and working at reputable companies – and out of all these, travel was what made me learn and grow the most. Studies and work can’t teach you as much as the world itself can.

My endeavor remains to do more, achieve more, and become an entrepreneur people take inspiration from. I am always looking forward to connect with people so don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact me on social media or subscribe my newsletter.