Usman Hanif

Usman Hanif

"You know how sharks have to keep swimming or they die, I feel the same, I have to keep improving or I'll die." 

About Me

From Humble Beginnings to the pursuit of His Dreams

Usman Hanif was born and raised in Gujranwala, a small city in Pakistan. This is where he completed his basic education, which served as the foundation of his love for entrepreneurship. Hence he moved to London – a city that is known for the best schools for entrepreneurship and business.

In London, Usman Hanif enrolled at Hult International Business School, where he took bachelors in International Business and got to work with few of the Fortune 500 companies, which exposed him to the corporate world and gave him valuable lessons. After graduation, he ventured into entrepreneurship.

Lessons Learned

Through the successes and failures Usman Hanif was able to experience, he has learned valuable lessons. To be successful in entrepreneurship, Usman Hanif believes that you have to dedicate 100% attention. You should never be distracted, eye on the prize. From the very start, identify your goals and pursue them with full attention.

Additionally, he also believes in the importance of having a competent team. No business can be successful with the efforts of one person alone. It takes an efficient and productive team to reap business success. You should exert time and effort to put up a winning team. It must be composed of people who you trust and believe will be instrumental in the success of your entrepreneurial endeavor.

He also suggests that in entrepreneurship, you should try to be as unique as possible. Do not imitate your competitors and do not be defined by what they do. Be your own and you will stand out. You must find your niche and serve such segment of the market, rather than doing the same thing as your competitors.

Usman Hanif envisions being an inspiration to many other people. He loves learning from others and connecting with people who are interested in entrepreneurship don't hesitate to get in touch.